Nadeem Ali’s interview with the cast of Reversed – Part 2


How did you get involved with the project?

I worked on two feature films in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful friend and actor, Rob Carpenter. Though I didn’t know Vince, Rob and Vince are in partnership with Creepy Six Films, and when Vince decided to come to London, Rob put us in touch. We subsequently met and shortly after that I was lucky enough to be offered the role of ‘John’ in Reversed.

What were your impressions of Vince [director] when you met him?

What a lovely man! I wasn’t surprised by this though as aforementioned Rob is too, and I guess I knew he wouldn’t go into partnership with a dickweed.

How did you feel about your script?

When I read it through initially, what I felt was a headache. Vince, and his script, are just that clever and cerebral. You can’t just sit down with a coffee and read this script. It’s going to make you work and it’s going to look at you when you put it down and say “Yeah that’s right buddy, you heard me”.

How do you feel about your character?

As a true professional, I would never judge my character. It has to be said though that he is a douchebag because he hits his woman.

How has the whole experience been?

From the first meeting with Vince, throughout the London section of the shoot, and right up to my personal picture wrap in Milan, working with Vince and the rest of the team on Reversed has been an absolute pleasure and I am seriously hoping to get a phone call from Vince saying he has another role for me. In another film, I mean. Not another role in Reversed. That would just be weird.



What were your impressions of Vince?

I met him on another shoot; he was working on the production side of things. We really hit it off and he told me about this project. We’ve met a few times and he is going to produce a short film I am doing. It’s important to establish a relationship with the people you are working with especially when you are the lead. We’ve been doing a lot of guerrilla shooting and you need that trust.

It’s such a visual film; you can’t help but get involved with the aesthetics of it. In the script he has provided a lot of references to his influences in film and music. He said to think of this as an opera, that he wants it to be very operatic. If you keep that in mind you get the rhythm that it is being played at.

My character because she is taking a lot of hallucinogenic drugs, it has allowed me to develop a character with an edge to her. My own character and the way I present myself onscreen has an edge, it provides a nice contrast to the sensuality of the other girls. We are all quite different. Hajnalka has a real cheekiness about her.

I really like working with Vince. He won’t move if the shot isn’t good even when we’re working on the street. Some of the places we shoot, we don’t have permission so we have to keep it low-key and move on before security comes.

It is easy to lose yourself in the film. The horror/thriller aspect that something’s not quite right – that panic and that pulse…That not everything is what it’s supposed to be…

How do you feel about your character?

I was chuffed because originally I wasn’t going to play her. But that was only the role I felt I could play. We both believed it was more of an ethereal role, whereas I have more of an edge. He decided to base the character on Asia Argento, a character with power. I like the role. I like these psychotic characters. But because there are no words, it allows me to use my body and tone it down. I tend to play quite intense, in your face kind of roles.

How did you feel about the script?

Sometimes the best roles are the ones where you don’t say that much. Film captures everything. I’ve just done a film simultaneous to this one which has been improvised. It’s been hectic. I play this brash Australian make-up artist. We’d get an outline of the scene and have to freestyle it. I love improvisation. I can be quite daring and I tend to do exactly what I’m thinking.

What were your impressions of Patrick [director of photography]?

The relationship with Patrick has been really nice. I wanted to know how I looked lying on the bed from a certain angle in one scene. He took a picture and showed me. He gave me that security. He’s just a nice guy. He and Vince work really well together. That helps a lot. Working in a small crew has made it easier. We’ve been very fortunate to get a lot of time out of Vince and ask him about the scenes. We’ve been able to listen to them talk about the scenes and what they want. Sometimes with a large crew they forget to communicate with the actors, they just want you out there and to get on with it.

How has filming been?

You have to stay switched on because everything is a shot. I like that. There was a scene we were filming near London Bridge. There was some downtime. We went to a pub for a drink. I sat outside with Eirik [who plays “Luca” in the film] and I knew they were going to film us. They filmed us through the window. Our relationship isn’t pleasant…when someone doesn’t love you back is how I feel about our relationship. He was leaning in and I was sat back drinking and smoking. We were able to show that aspect of our relationship.

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