Post-production completed

We wrapped principal photography on Reversed on November 4th, 2011, in Milano, Italy. I remember clearly sitting inside a bar on the edge of the canal, it was pouring rain outside, with most of the cast and crew on our last day. We’d been shooting at the Duomo that afternoon, one of the actresses, Zoe, lost her iPhone, then found it again, the Italian police let us film inside the famous Duomo, and someone trying to sell popcorn kernels for five Euro began pestering us outside. Toursists were filming us filming, others asked us to photograph them – and then, finally, it started to rain. It was a crazy day, and two days in Milan seemed like a week, but a really good week. It still, to this day, seems bizarre to me that we’d only been there for two days.

One year later, which encompassed all of the video editing, sound design and editing, film-colour template, additional music and Italian lines recorded in Italy, another trip back to Milan for 2nd Unit shots, and one additional shot of a telephone of all things, filmed in Vancouver with my wife’s new camera, Reversed has officially wrapped post-production. As I did some final tinkering the night of November 4th (2012) that went past midnight, I suppose it was a year and a day after we’d wrapped that Reversed was completed, but here it is, done.

Onto the next phase, now… And stay tuned for the official trailer, up late 2012 or early 2013.


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