New Title Announcement! #DarksideReleasing

Darkside Releasing is extremely excited to announce the official #bluray release of Darren Ward’s SUDDEN FURY and A DAY OF VIOLENCE on APRIL 27th! These are the first two films from Ward’s epic Fury Trilogy, and both films, which have received new HD transfers, will be available on a VERY exclusive Double-Blu-ray with a limited double-sided slipcover and TONS of never-before-seen extra features! Sudden Fury, an underground crime cult classic from the UK is David Warbeck’s final film (best known for his cult film roles, specifically in Lucio Fulci’s “The Beyond”). Ward followed this film up with A DAY OF VIOLENCE (ten years later) which features Italian cult actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice (“House on the Edge of the Park”, “Cannibal Apocalypse”, “Cannibal Ferox”). Please note that SUDDEN FURY will ONLY be available on the Dual-Blu-ray from the Darkside Releasing Official site, starting on Tuesday! This double-feature extravaganza of violence and gore will be specially-priced for 2 weeks starting on April 27th!


You can see more about Darren Ward’s and Darkside Releasing’s “Giallo” titles at the newly re-vamped

Reversed on Amazon & final theatrical screening

After screening theatrically in the UK, Canada, and Italy over the last year and a half, Brivido Giallo’s first feature film REVERSED will be making its final theatrical appearance at CINEMAFANTASTIQUE in Vancouver this summer, July 10-12!

REVERSED is now available on glorious Blu-ray at



UPCOMING Theatrical Screenings…

July 10 – 12 2015, Reversed will be screening in Vancouver once again as part of Shivers Film Society’s new and unique Cinemafantastique film festival, featuring three days of horror/erotic/sci-fi/eruo-horror films from independent and cult filmmakers alike! A first-ever for this type of event in Vancouver

Discounted passes and pre-sale tickets at their indiegogo campaign here:

And our latest film Glass will be making its world premiere at Cinemafantastique.


So far, pre-production on “Reversed” is going well. It’s a slow process, as this is my first time producing a feature outside of Canada, but there is a great film community here in London.

We do look to be on track for going to camera, starting in Italy, near the end of October this year. If we get delayed, however, we will have to move the production dates later, likely March or 2012. But so far, as I said, we seem to be on track, and are currently looking at the second re-structuring of the screenplay.

Next task to tackle: Casting.

Brivido Giallo

Brivido Giallo is a new company from Vince D’Amato and Mickey Evil.

This International production company will focus on the production of three Italian thrillers (gialli), produced independently over the next three years, starting mid-2011.

The concept for Brivido Giallo is to contribute cinematically to this beloved Italian genre, and this production company had been conceived to produce these thrillers, or gialli, over an extended period of time.

-Vince D’Amato.