Welcome to the BRIVIDO GIALLO COLLECTION – the new editions have been lovingly re-released in DUAL-DISC Collector’s Series Blu-ray format from Darkside Releasing, each of which includes exclusive slipcovers and 16-page full-colour booklets along with never-before-released special features and cut scenes!

Previous Editions…

glass_brdGLASS (200 Limited Numbered Edition)

Sex, conspiracy, and violence explode in GLASS, the second installment of Vince D’Amato’s neo-giallo series.

This edition is currently OUT OF PRINT.


ReversedBRcaseREVERSED (999 Limited Numbered Edition)

A thrilling new experience in experimental noir, inspired by the sensual and violent world of the Italian giallo film, REVERSED tells the twisted tale of Asia, a globe-trotting socialite who winds up involved in murder, sex, and mayhem.

This edition is currently OUT OF PRINT.


mugshots_llr_cdLOVE, LUST & REVENGE  [CD]

This 2012 EP from the band THE MUGSHOTS is available here in an EXCLUSIVELY-SIGNED limited edition, featuring tracks by Creepy Six Films / Brivido Giallo composer Mickey E. Vil and produced by the late, great Dick Wagner.


  • Nothing At All
  • Under My Skin
  • Curse The Moon
  • Free (As I Am)
  • Pass The Gun Around (Alice Cooper cover)

Mickey Evil: vocals and keyz | MacFly: guitar | Gyorg II: drums | EyeVan: bass | Erik Stayn: keyz

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